A personal note on perfectionism



It blocks us. It makes us slow and inefficient. It’s rooted in the fear of being judged by others and ultimately in the fear of inadequacy.

My business coach says: 100% is failure and 70% is success. I love this! I know I have to take this rule to heart to get rid of perfectionism. And most importantly I have to stop thinking about what others think of me. This is so important as a business owner! And believe me: I am getting better at it.

However, I can feel how much I am attached to the idea of getting perfect results. How much I like a neat and tidy environment where everything has its place and looks nice. I love to arrange things nicely and take my time to do things with care and mindfulness. It is as if I’m not yet ready to give up this idea of me being a perfectionist. It’s like with any other kind of identity we are attached to, we have difficulties with letting it go.

If my kids get into perfectionism, I tell them that nothing in this world will ever be perfect. Don’t strive for creating perfect outcomes, because if you do, your work will never be good enough.

I’ve read somewhere that in ancient China during the Ming dynasty artist created the most amazing porcelain vases and would intentionally add a small cut to their work to acknowledge that their piece of art was not perfect, and that perfectionism was reserved for the divine.

This idea of a Chinese Ming vase comes to my mind when I realize I’m getting into perfectionism again. I’m ready to move past perfectionism, because I know, it doesn’t serve me. Let’s get out of perfectionism-mode and step into uniqueness-mode. Are you with me on that?

If you feel like over-perfecting is holding you back from taking action, let’s do coaching sessions together. I’ve developed a 5 step coaching approach which supports women to step into their power and to take positive action for whatever they want to attain in life.