„The ONLY thing worse than starting and failing…

is NOT starting something.“

Seth Godin 

This is one of my favorite topics: „How to get started?“ I used to be a chronic over-thinker, but I’m not anymore. If somebody had asked me: „What book would you like to write someday?“ I would have said: the book about how to take action! I was consumed with that question: What is that small step that brings me form thinking to taking action? I had a post-it note in my office that said: „Get into action and the rest will follow!“ I did agree with this sentence, but still I was very often not carrying out my ideas and had a hard time following through.

I imagined that there had to be a secret key to get into action-mode. Or some secret remedy others had, but not me! And then I took a course in transformational coaching and my life changed. I’ve come to realize that we can learn to stop our useless overthinking by stopping our our worries and negative thinking all together.

So if you, too, are a chronic over-thinker like I was, here are some thoughts that might help you.

  1. Get real about what is holding you back. Call it by its name: FEAR. The reason why we’re having a hard time to really get into action is that we are fearful. We ask ourselves if the outcome of our action is not good enough – especially in the eyes of others. The fear of judgement and the fear of inadequacy are the main fears that are holding us back.
  2. If you are able to get honest about your fears you can measure for yourself: what is more important: staying in fear or getting the work done? Writing that article, doing that FB live, making that phone call… and even smaller things, where you just have to be brave enough to take a decision, not knowing what the outcome will be. And then ask yourself: do I really want to stay stuck in that fear? Get clear about the fears you have and what you want to accomplish.
  3. Most likely you will come to the conclusion, that you rather get into action and you want to do it. Here comes the trick: decide what you want to do. Put your focus on what you want to do. STOP THINKING. Just stop the constant brain chatter of your monkey mind. You can tell your mind to quite. And then you do it.

This works so well. Try it. Practice it. And have fun getting into action-mode!

If you are interested in getting into „rock-star“ action, book coaching sessions with me. We will get you started! I’ve developed a 5 step coaching approach which supports women to step into their power and to take positive action for whatever they want to attain in life.