How to experience more joy


Joy is so vital!

Scientists describe joy as an intense momentary experience of positive emotion. Like all emotions, joy is created in our brain. In moments of joy the brain releases dopamine, the “joy hormone”. Joy makes us smile and wanting to jump up and down! It makes us feel elevated and excited.

When do you experience joyful moments? Would you agree, that joy often pops up unexpectedly? It seems to be something rather spontaneous. If that is the case: can we make joy happen?

When I think of joyful moments in my life, these things come to my mind: a little kitchen dance and sing along with the kids, a dolphin showing up during a sailing trip, a rainbow over our house coming back from a dog walk…

Of course, there are also planned things that bring me joy: dancing on Monday evening, meeting with good friends for dinner, boarding a plane for travel reasons! I wonder: can we increase the “planned” joy to experience more of it? Have you ever thought about that?

Here are my thoughts on how we can put ourselves in the path of joy. And I know, this list isn’t complete. Please, write me an email if you have further ideas that I should consider!

  1. Make a joy list

Gabby Bernstein, a famous American life coach, keeps saying that her business took off, once she decided to measure her success by the amount of joy she was having and not based on the financial terms. I very much like that idea! My list of joyful things to go after in my biz is long: going to fun events, meeting with other interesting entrepreneurs, organizing an event with clients to go hiking, celebrating a party…

Take some time to make your personal list of things you can do to light up your world – in your business and in your private life. Feel free to make this list really long and be bold, i.e. don’t hold yourself back with limiting believes. Come up with all the things that bring you joy – no matter if you can do them right away or some day in the future. Or make a drawing if that ignites you more than writing a list! Then hang up your joy list or drawing in your home where you can have a daily glance at it. For sure this will influence you in a very positive way!

  1. Create your own “dance into joy” playlist

For me dance is the easiest access to joy. As Jen Stillion, a coaching colleague of mine says: “dance is an instant download of joy!” Yes, it is! Do you have a “dance into joy” playlist? Music is so vital to change our mood and to shift our energy. Why not head over to your music provider and create your own magical playlist for joy? Make sure that the playlist makes you want to jump up and down, because this is a sign for pure joy. Get in motion regularly with your special “dance into joy” playlist. Does it make you smile? There you go! Big-time!

  1. Experience joy from with in

This is so easy and so powerful. The truth is: we often forget the easy stuff! EVERYTHING we want to have on the outside we have to have on the inside first! Take some time, e.g. 5 to 10 minutes during the day and be silent. Close your eyes and think of something that has given you great joy in the past or something you envision to give you great joy in the future. Go there with your mind. Be there and hear, see and feel what it is like to be in that situation. Breathe deeply… and enjoy this joyful situation in your inner world! Doing this exercise daily will certainly increase the moments of joy in your life. Don’t believe me – try it out for yourself!

Joy lights us up and brings us power. Each moment of joy is small but over time they add up to more than the sum of their parts. If we are experiencing more joy in everyday life, we are better at taking action and creating the business and life we envision for ourselves. Joy doesn’t have to be something that happens to us only spontaneously once in a while – we can cultivate joy… and see it as the foundation for our creative life.

In case you feel you are lacking joy in your life and you consider yourself stuck, let’s do coaching sessions together. I’ve developed a 5 step coaching approach which supports women to step into their power and to take positive action for whatever they want to attain in life.