Wellbeing – living a happy, engaged and meaningful life


Wellbeing has many aspects to it. It can relate to our body and health, to our work, to our relationships and to our thoughts and emotions. And all the physical things that we have in our life are part of our personal wellbeing. Even the term “digital wellbeing” exists and this shows how extensive the term wellbeing can be used!

In positive psychology wellbeing is a central concept. Martin Seligman, a well-known American psychologist, dedicated his research to finding the factors that contribute the most to a well-lived and fulfilling life. He reasoned that one was to live a happy, engaged, and meaningful life in order to experience “the good life”. This goes to show, that wellbeing is isn’t about having, but much more about doing and ultimately be-ing.

Most people, when they think about wellbeing, they think of the body and health or wellness aspect of it. There are many ways to foster our wellbeing in this regard: healthy food, sufficient exercise, good sleep, mediation and relaxation. We all know the positive effects of doing sports or enjoying a massage for calming down and reconnecting with ourselves.

Since working as a life coach, I have more and more come to know that having meaning in life and being active and engaged is key to experience well-being, just as the research of the positive psychologists shows. We are all social beings and we want to contribute and be an active part of society. I often start my coaching sessions with the following question:

What makes you important or valuable for others?

Because it is this simply question that directs us to the skills and activities that make us happy and feel good about ourselves.

There are a lot of articles and books on discovering and figuring out your why. Even if we logically understand that knowing our “why” can put everything into context and be a great guideline for our life, it is still very hard to find for many of us. Thinking about our “why” we might come up with ideas that are related merely to our professional skills or to the expectancies others are having of us, but less with what drives us from within. The worst thing that can happen is, if we start to overthink the “find your why question” and get stuck in not knowing what it is and where to start.

As the positive psychologists found out, one of the crucial elements of wellbeing is engagement, meaning not just any action, but activities that draw and build upon our interests and that evoke passion and a feeling of intensity. You see, what is meant here is not just engagement for all sorts of task you might have, but engagement for the topics that are dear to your heart. That make you matter. If you have come up with an idea by asking yourself the above mentioned question, find ways to take active steps and engage. In case it cannot be “full steam ahead” yet, then take little baby steps first (whatever they might be), because this is key for your wellbeing.

If the topic of wellbeing in the sense of living a meaningful and engaged life speaks to you and you would like to find out, what makes you unique and what your special contribution to the world might be, book coaching sessions with me. I’ve developed a 5 step coaching approach which supports women to step into their power and to take positive action for whatever they want to attain in life.