Trust in yourself

Why trust in yourself is so powerful

Responsibility is key in everybody’s life and especially if you want to run your own business successfully.

Let’s say you are at point A at the moment and you want to get to a new level – let’s call it point B. If you are self-employed or running your own business, the only person that will get you from point A to point B is you! Sometimes it is easy to get into action and do the things we have to do. And sometimes it is hard, because, if point B is something really new and on a different level, we don’t know what that point B will be like. It is like going on a hiking trip without a map. Or swimming in the sea away from the shore. It scares us and we prefer to stay safely in our comfort zone. Sounds familiar?

Ask yourself: What would you do if you knew you could not FAIL?

Take some time and think about this. What is it you are desperately wanting to do? Is the fear of failing stopping you?

Here are some thoughts about being responsible that might help you:

Being responsible isn’t something passive. It means taking action and getting things done. If you are running your own business get clear about the fact, that only you are the one who can make things happen. Be ready to assume 100% responsibility for your business and your life. Allow yourself to go after your dreams and desires.

If you are clear about what you want to accomplish, go to your point B in your mind. Take some time every day to visualize what it will be like once you are in your “desired future”. Close your eyes, go into meditation and hear, see and especially feel what comes up for you. Use your imagination to already be the person you want to be. During your visualization explore the reality you want to see in your life. This takes time and practice, but it is a very powerful tool.

The feeling of fear is a result of events that have happened to us in the past. We take past experiences and project them into the future. Let’s say you consider yourself a shy and introvert person, based on experiences you have made in the past. Then most likely you will perpetuate this limiting believe, when thinking about what is possible for you. Limiting believes can be a hug trap, but they don’t have to, if we get clear about them and are willing to let them go. Thus, be determined to let go of the past and to explore new ways!

The same goes for negative experiences you might have had in the past in your business. See them as something you have gone through to learn, but not as something that is determining your outcomes today. Everything is possible for you if you let go of these past experiences. Focus on your responsibility and the fact, that you are the one to make things happen. And what is more: stop waiting for others to “carry you over the finish line”.

If you are able to really internalize the fact, that you are responsible for the outcomes in your business and your life, an amazing insight can happen to you: there is nothing to be afraid of, if you are the one who makes things happen and you trust yourself 100%. This is why trust in yourself is such a power boost for your business and life. I had to learn this myself and had to move out of very persistent self-doubt into trusting myself which was a big leap forward for me.

If this blog article is interesting for you and you want to learn more about responsibility and trust in yourself, book coaching sessions with me. I’ve developed a 5 step coaching approach which supports women to step into their power and to take positive action for whatever they want to attain in life.