Wellbeing has many aspects to it. It can relate to our body and health, to our work, to our relationships and to our thoughts and emotions. And all the physical things that we have in our life are part of our personal wellbeing. Even the term “digital wellbeing” exists and this shows how extensive the term wellbeing can be used!


Joy is so vital!

Scientists describe joy as an intense momentary experience of positive emotion. Like all emotions, joy is created in our brain. In moments of joy the brain releases dopamine, the “joy hormone”. Joy makes us smile and wanting to jump up and down! It makes us feel elevated and excited.

When do you experience joyful moments? Would you agree, that joy often pops up unexpectedly? It seems to be something rather spontaneous. If that is the case: can we make joy happen?



It blocks us. It makes us slow and inefficient. It’s rooted in the fear of being judged by others and ultimately in the fear of inadequacy.

My business coach says: 100% is failure and 70% is success. I love this! I know I have to take this rule to heart to get rid of perfectionism. And most importantly I have to stop thinking about what others think of me. This is so important as a business owner! And believe me: I am getting better at it.


„The ONLY thing worse than starting and failing…

is NOT starting something.“

Seth Godin 

This is one of my favorite topics: „How to get started?“ I used to be a chronic over-thinker, but I’m not anymore. If somebody had asked me: „What book would you like to write someday?“ I would have said: the book about how to take action! I was consumed with that question: What is that small step that brings me form thinking to taking action? I had a post-it note in my office that said: „Get into action and the rest will follow!“ I did agree with this sentence, but still I was very often not carrying out my ideas and had a hard time following through. Weiterlesen

Responsibility is key in everybody’s life and especially if you want to run your own business successfully.

Let’s say you are at point A at the moment and you want to get to a new level – let’s call it point B. If you are self-employed or running your own business, the only person that will get you from point A to point B is you! Sometimes it is easy to get into action and do the things we have to do. And sometimes it is hard, because, if point B is something really new and on a different level, we don’t know what that point B will be like. It is like going on a hiking trip without a map. Or swimming in the sea away from the shore. It scares us and we prefer to stay safely in our comfort zone. Sounds familiar? Weiterlesen